British Canoeing Sea Kayak Award

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British Canoeing Sea Kayak Award  £185pp

The Sea Kayak Award focuses on your paddling and decision-making skills for a safe and enjoyable day out on the sea in winds up to force 3 and/or tides up to 1 knot, using sea kayaks or sit on tops in tidal or nontidal environments. Effective forward paddling, negotiating confined spaces, and maintaining and changing direction are all part of the award as well as developing an understanding of the surroundings and environment we use.

During the weekend course you will receive regular updates on your progression and all candidates will receive action plans on future coaching to improve on the skills already learnt on this course. If you have prior experience, and feel you are ready for assessment, then this will happen during the weekend course. If you are on assessment, and pass, there is a certification fee of £20 to non BC members (£10 for BC members) for a certificate from British Canoeing.

Equipment supplied:

● Sea kayak
● Paddle
● Helmet
● Spray deck
● Buoyancy aid
● Dry bag
● Towlines and throw lines for rescue practicing

What to wear: For your sea kayak award please dress for the conditions. Summertime light clothing rash vest, T-shirts and shorts or leggings. Suitable trainers or wet shoes you are happy to get wet. Sunscreen and hats are a must in the summer months. In colder months of the season, wetsuits will be available for hire. You will need to bring food and drink to take out on the water along with any medication you may need.

H2O Adventures has a fleet of P&H sea kayaks for you to use including the Delphin, Scorpio, and Virgo and a Dagger Stratos all of which are medium in volume. You will be able to try out all 4 during your course to get a feel of 3 different boats in sea conditions.

Your British canoeing sea kayak award day 1 is held in Swanage Bay where we will explore a wide range of fundamental skills needed to be a confident sea kayaker. You will learn all about route planning including weather and tidal information allowing you to make the smart choice. Explore the wide range of safety equipment that is available and how to use it on the water. There will be a journey out to Old Harry Rocks where you can put your new skills into context while you navigate around the caves and sea stacks. Self-rescues and rescuing others to be a useful member of a kayaking trip.

Day 2 of our British Canoeing Sea kayak award. You will get to have a look at the surrounding areas and plan a route from a second launch site along the Jurassic Coast. Using your new skills in route planning we will also cover shuttle runs which is a great skill on longer one-way trips. You will get to explore some amazing coastline and rock-hop using a range of skills from day 1. Day 2 locations will be within 30 minutes of Swanage.

During your 2-day course, you will get regular updates from your coach to help you achieve your award. The sea kayak award is part of the personal performance awards and is a long-term paddler development. You will work through your action plan with a pathway on where to go next. This course is a training course and can't guarantee a pass and there will be an ongoing assessment over the 2 days.

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