British Canoeing Sea Kayak Award

British Canoeing Sea Kayak Award


The British canoeing sea kayak award is part of the new personal performance awards new to 2019. This is the perfect course for those who have had experience in kayaking on rivers and lakes who would like to start exploring the coastline and heading out to sea. With such amazing coastline in Dorset this is the best place to come and learn while having a great adventure.

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British canoeing personal performance awards

This course is open to all abilities looking to work towards their sea kayak award. The personal performance award is a no stress course with experienced and qualified coaches ready to teach you all the skills you will need to feel safe and confident out on the water in sea conditions. This is a great benchmark for your personal skills.

You will get to learn lots of fundemental skills of controlling a sea kayak including Forwards, backwards, Sideways with the use of a skeg. Our locations will give you real life situations to put your new skills to the test. You will learn all about route planning, Safety equipment to wear and how to use them out on the sea. Safety skills including self rescue and others with Towing another sea kayaker included in the course. There is so much to learn and this course is a fun way to find out the hows and whys .

The Sea Kayak Award endorses your skill, judgment and the decision making required for a successful day on the sea.

You will be confident in planning and undertaking journeys on the sea, in winds up to and including force 3 and/or tides up to 1 Knot, using sea kayaks or sit on tops, in tidal or non-tidal environments, with proficient skills to be in control throughout. Your award should be seen as a sound basis for building the experience and knowledge associated with Coastal Sea Kayak Award holders.

During the weekend course you will receive regular updates on your progression all candidates will receive action plans on future coaching to improve the skills learnt on this course. If you have prior experience and feel you are ready for assessment then this will happen during the weekend course.

We have a great fleet of sea kayaks for you to use over the course with P&H delphins , Scorpios and Dagger stratos this is the perfect way to demo a new sea kayak to find the right kayak before treating yourself to a new one.

H2oadventures supplies all equipment including kayak hire, Buoyancy aids, Helmets,Paddle and a dry bag for your personal items. We encourage you to bring your own sea kayaks and equipment to the course that you will use on future trips. We recommend bringing wetsuits/drysuits as you will spend time in the water.

Your British canoeing sea kayak course will use multiple venues and you will be emailed full details on booking.

Being based on the Jurassic coast we have various launching sites including Swanage Bay, Studland, Poole Harbour giving you the best experience during your time with H2oadventures.

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