River to Sea Kayaking Course

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6 Week River to Sea Kayaking Course in Dorset. 6.30 pm-8.30 pm
Weekend River to Sea Kayaking Course in Dorset. 9.30 am-3.30 pm

Both Courses: £170pp

H2O Adventures has created our very own 6-week kayak coaching course in Dorset. Whether you have been kayaking before or don't know one end of a kayak from the other this is the perfect course for you. We start at the very beginning starting with safety including what to wear, and what equipment you should have with you while on the water while kayaking. You will get to share your course with like-minded people all out to have a fun time and learn a new skill.

What you will learn

● Safety on the water
● Kayaking skills and techniques
● Route planning
● Rescue and towing skills

Your course is run at 3 different locations over the 6 weeks allowing you to progress into different environments gain confidence and push your comfort zones.

The first 3 sessions are run from the River Frome in Wareham. You will get to learn all the fundamental skills of kayaking including forwards paddling, reverse paddling, and sideways paddling alongside a range of support strokes to keep you on top of the water. Etiquette on the river including who has right of way.

Location 2 Poole Harbour - Bramble Bush Bay Studland
(6 Week Course Only)

Poole Harbour is a great location to head out into a larger body of water and get the experience of heading away from the shore. You will get to use your navigation skills and rescue skills in the open water with the backdrop of Brownsea Island. There are lots of Harbour seals which we do have visits during this trip

Location 3 - Swanage Bay

Swanage Bay is over 3km in distance and the final 2 sessions of your course. Everything you have learned over the previous 4 weeks will give you the confidence to head out into the sea and enjoy the epic views of the Jurassic Coast. Swanage Bay has a new and old pier which we can explore. There will be lots of opportunities for sea rescues which will make you a great team player when out kayaking on your new adventures.

We have lots of happy paddlers who have attended this course and become great friends who have gone on to buy all their own sea kayaks and head off on adventures of their own. We also have an end-of-season getaway to Anglesey for those who have caught the kayaking bug.

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