Moderate and Advanced Sea Kayaking

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The Jurassic Coast offers so many amazing locations to explore by sea kayak. Our highly qualified local guides and coaches can take you on some unforgettable days out.

Moderate and advanced sea kayaking allows you to explore further and visit harder-to-reach spots on the coast. The Jurassic Coast has tidal races and headlands that require more planning and commitment. These areas create stronger flowing tides and bigger, bouncier seas.

What are moderate and advanced conditions?

Moderate seas start with wind speeds of force 4 and tidal flow of 2 knots. Advanced conditions start at force 5 and tides of 2 knots plus. Increasing sea conditions require much more knowledge in your personal sea kayaking skills and we are there to encourage and teach you while out on the water. We can work on personal goal setting, expectations and outcomes and create the perfect trip, or course, for you.

Exploring Tidal Races.

With our local knowledge of the tidal races on the Jurassic Coast, we can plan your day around the conditions to build up confidence. Multiple locations including the race off Old Harry Rocks, Peveril Point Race, St. Aldhelms Head Race and Portland Bill. We can plan your trips based on your experience and how comfortable you are in the races.
Planning a trip to pass through a tidal race takes skill, and we can teach you all about tidal gates and flows and the different stages of the tidal race.

Open water crossings can start from 1 nautical mile upwards and it takes confidence to head out on a bearing to a beach or island across a bay, H2O Adventures will be alongside you all the way. During your time, we will look at using nautical charts to dial in a bearing for your crossing and look at tidal drift and distance. You can work up the distances and eventually join us for the big crossing that everyone who sea kayaks dreams of. Swanage to the Isle of Wight, The Eddystone Lighthouse, Lundy, and The Skerries in Anglesey are amongst the best.

H2O Adventures creates adventures across the UK and why not book one of our trips to Pembrokeshire and Anglesey where you will get to explore some epic coastline and meet up with like-minded people with who you will forge friendships and head off on your adventures together.

There is so much to learn, and we want to be part of your journey as you venture into the bigger sea conditions. All our trips and courses go towards British Canoeing Awards and we can arrange assessment days once you feel you are ready.

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